Hay Making

There is quite a lot of grass in the field behing the house so we needed to find a way of dealing with it. At the end of our first summer, 2012, Will put his cows on to it and they made a decent job of clearing it ready for tree planting in December. However this wasn't an option once the trees were in so at the end of August 2013 Andrew Hynde from English Nature came and cut it with a power scythe.

The deal was that he could have the grass for his herd of organic cattle on Ingleborough National Nature Reserve.

Once it had been dried and baled there was some concern it might rain before he could collect it so we took measures to protect it overnight.

Then in summer 2014 we spent a day learning how to scythe with Steve Tomlin, an experienced scything teacher.

Of course cutting the grass is the easy bit. After that comes the job of turning it into hay. Ideally the grass needs three days in the sun, with occasional turning, to dry it out.

Then a bit of trawling the internet gave us the idea for this hand baling machine.

Our first hand made bale.