Broadrake Moth List
Dr. Terry Whittaker and John Perry carried out a further moth survey at Broadrake on the night of 3rd July 2014. 2 Robinson MV traps (125W) were used, one sited to the west of the house at SD739791 and one behind the old barn at SD740792. In spite of unpromising weather conditions, very windy but warm, an impressive total of 919 moths was recorded.
These are Terry's initial comments -

"Following our amazing moth catch attached is a spreadsheet; the provisional list of moths trapped last night
55 species 15 micro-lepidoptera, 40 macro-lepidoptera
The main interesting species are:
Micropterix calthella common but rarely recorded
Latticed Heath local in undisturbed grassland
Pinion-streaked snout very scarce (my first) I thought it was a pyralid (crambid) moth
The two Cnephasia spp. are awaiting genitalic determination
ditto Pammene fasciana which appears extremely unlikely (but there are very few other things like it and Pete Marsh had one on Leck Fell). The Melanic minor was Tawny Marbled Minor (Gen.det.)"

After further investigation he was able to add -

"Two more species to add to the list. Just the two Cnephasias to identify.
Scoparia subfusca 1
Platyptilia gonodactyla (The Triangle Plume Moth) 1
The unusual one [which appeared extremely unlikely] is Pammene fasciana the Chestnut leafroller.
The identification has been confirmed from my photograph by Charlie Fletcher.
This species leaves us with a puzzle: The larvae feed on Castanea, Fagus and Quercus species. The caterpillar bores into the fruits. Am I correct that there are none of these trees anywhere near Broadrake?"

So an exciting set of results and still two Cnephasias awaiting genitalic determination - watch this space.
In the meantime the detailed results from the two traps are shown below and a complete species list to date is here

Trap 1 -
Site: Broadrake Farm, Chapel-le-Dale, West of; SD739791; 3rd July 2014
41 species 10 micro-lepidoptera, 31 macro-lepidoptera

18Hepialus fusconebulosa f. gallicusMap-winged Swift11M.
18Hepialus fusconebulosaMap-winged Swift21M. 1F.
945Aethes cnicana1
1011Pseudargyrotoza conwagana1
1076Celypha lacunana5
1111Bactra lancealana81M.
1201Eucosma cana5
1293Chrysoteuchia culmellaGarden Grass-veneer4
1301Crambus lathoniellus2
1304Agriphila straminella1
1305Agriphila tristella17
1334Scoparia ambigualis1
1376Eurrhypara hortulataSmall Magpie2
1727Xanthorhoe montanataSilver-ground Carpet35
1776Colostygia pectinatariaGreen Carpet1
1894Chiasmia clathrataLatticed Heath1
2008Ptilodon capucinaCoxcomb Prominent2
2038Nudaria mundanaMuslin Footman19
2098Axylia putrisFlame3
2102Ochropleura plectaFlame Shoulder59
2107Noctua pronubaLarge Yellow Underwing69
2118Lycophotia porphyreaTrue Lover's Knot11
2120Diarsia mendicaIngrailed Clay3
2122Diarsia brunneaPurple Clay2
2136Naenia typicaGothic1
2160Lacanobia oleraceaBright-line Brown-eye1
2163Melanchra pisiBroom Moth61M
2176Cerapteryx graminisAntler Moth11M
2198Mythimna impuraSmoky Wainscot2
2289Acronicta rumicisKnot Grass21M
2321Apamea monoglyphaDark Arches20
2326Apamea crenata ab. combustaClouded-bordered Brindle [melanic form]5
2326Apamea crenataClouded-bordered Brindle10
2330Apamea remissaDusky Brocade27mostly f. submissa.
2340Oligia fasciunculaMiddle-barred Minor9
2345Photedes minimaSmall Dotted Buff1.
2434Diachrysia chrysitisBurnished Brass2.
2439Plusia festucaeGold Spot2.
2440Plusia putnamiLempke's Gold Spot3
2442Autographa pulchrinaBeautiful Golden Y2.
2450Abrostola tripartitaSpectacle5.
2477Hypena proboscidalisSnout2
2484Schrankia costaestrigalisPinion-streaked Snout11 Voucher specimen retained by tmw.
Cnephasia sp.Cnephasia species22 Voucher specimens retained by tmw pending gen. det.

Trap 2 -
Site: Broadrake Farm, Chapel-le-Dale, SD740792; 3rd July 2014
46 species 13 micro-lepidoptera, 33 macro-lepidoptera

5Micropterix calthella1
18Hepialus fusconebulosaMap-winged Swift11 Female.
945Aethes cnicana2
1011Pseudargyrotoza conwagana1
1076Celypha lacunana9
1111Bactra lancealana2
1201Eucosma cana7
1236Pammene fasciana11 Voucher specimen retained by tmw pending gen det
1293Chrysoteuchia culmellaGarden Grass-veneer11
1304Agriphila straminella1
1305Agriphila tristella4
1376Eurrhypara hortulataSmall Magpie4
1395Udea ferrugalisRusty-dot Pearl1
1713Idaea aversataRiband Wave1Typical [banded] form,
1727Xanthorhoe montanataSilver-ground Carpet86
1738Epirrhoe alternataCommon Carpet1
1776Colostygia pectinatariaGreen Carpet1
1962Hylaea fasciariaBarred Red1
1981Laothoe populiPoplar Hawk-moth1
1991Deilephila elpenorElephant Hawk-moth4
2003Notodonta ziczacPebble Prominent1
2008Ptilodon capucinaCoxcomb Prominent2
2060Spilosoma lubricipedaWhite Ermine2
2089Agrotis exclamationisHeart and Dart1
2098Axylia putrisFlame4
2102Ochropleura plectaFlame Shoulder70
2107Noctua pronubaLarge Yellow Underwing122
2118Lycophotia porphyreaTrue Lover's Knot12
2120Diarsia mendicaIngrailed Clay3
2122Diarsia brunneaPurple Clay2
2136Naenia typicaGothic1
2138Anaplectoides prasinaGreen Arches1
2163Melanchra pisiBroom Moth2
2321Apamea monoglyphaDark Arches55
2326Apamea crenata ab. combustaClouded-bordered Brindle [melanic form]22
2326Apamea crenataClouded-bordered Brindle22
2330Apamea remissaDusky Brocade38Mainly f. submissa.
2339Oligia latrunculaTawny Marbled Minor1Melanic, 1m. Gen. Det. tmw.
2340Oligia fasciunculaMiddle-barred Minor18
2345Photedes minimaSmall Dotted Buff1
2434Diachrysia chrysitisBurnished Brass1
2439Plusia festucaeGold Spot5
2440Plusia putnamiLempke's Gold Spot5
2442Autographa pulchrinaBeautiful Golden Y22
2450Abrostola tripartitaSpectacle2
2477Hypena proboscidalisSnout5