Nature at Broadrake

There is a link below to a list of birds seen at Broadrake. Also Dr Terry Whittaker and John Perry carried out moth trapping on several nights in 2014. There's a link to the results below as well.

Bird List

Moth List

Parish Wildlife Project

With the help and advice of Mark Hewitt, YDNP Wildlife Officer, as well as several friends we have created a wildlife pond in the field behind Broadrake as part of the National Park's Parish Wildlife Project. The aim of the project is to deliver incremental biodiversity gain through small schemes by individuals and communities. You can see some pictures of the construction here.


Also in the field behind Broadrake are a couple of areas of new tree planting. In December 2012 we planted 600 native trees with support, both financial and practical, from the Woodland Trust. When we originally looked at this earlier in the year the intention was to plant mainly Ash as typically found locally. However the advent of ash dieback meant a change of plan and we have a mix of Rowan, Downy Birch, Willow, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Bird Cherry and Small Leaf Lime. It is quite an exposed site and as the trees have grown there has been some storm damage, particularly by strong winds in summer with the saplings in full leaf. Although we have lost some there should be a good number which do grow on to maturity.

Some pictures of tree planting here.

Wildflower and Hay Meadow

Between the areas of tree planting part of the back field is fenced off to be managed as a wildflower meadow. The idea is to impoverish the soil by removing the grass growth each year, putting nothing back so no chemicals or fertilisers. Over time grass becomes less vigorous so it's growth doesn't swamp the flowers. Initially we had the grass cut by machine, but in recent years it has been scythed in late summer. Given dry weather we try to make some into hay using our hand baling machine. We have hosted some scything courses, run by tutor Steve Tomlin, and had friends round to help which means we haven't had to cut it all ourselves.

There is a collection of photos of our efforts at grass management here