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Ingleton Stargazers

Winter 2019 / 2020 Programme

Mon 21st Oct 2019

Mon 18th Nov 2019

Mon 16th Dec 2019

Mon 20th Jan 2020

Mon 17th Feb 2020 - part of the Yorkshire Dales Dark Skies Festival

Mon 16th Mar 2020

If you are interested in the night sky and live in the Ingleton area this group might be for you. Astronomy evenings take place here at Broadrake once a month through the winter starting at 7.30pm. We aim to be outside observing if the weather is clear. Otherwise we meet inside, hopefully there will be a short talk, an opportunity to find out what to look out for in the night sky over the coming weeks and a chance to exchange ideas.

We are often joined by Pete Collins,a keen amateur astronomer who takes stunning nightscape photography. You can see his work displayed locally or visit his website

He lives in Manchester and has been involved with and Astronomy Group there for many years, but is spending an increasing amout of time in Ingleton to take advantage of the dark skies up here and is keen to get a group together locally.

These evenings are free and open to all.
If you want to be kept up to date about local stargazing events please ask to be added to our Google Group "Ingelton Stargazers".

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